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The Day After Tomorrow’s Doctors Symposium

The Centre for Resilience hosts the UK’s first event national symposium for UK Undergraduate Medical Student educators entitled; The Day After Tomorrow’s Doctors

By Kate Fismer 17 June 2016

On 16 June 2016 the University of Westminster’s Centre for Resilience brought together professionals from 28 of the 34 UK Medical School across the UK for a symposium for those who teach about or support medical students’ and young doctors’ resilience (FY1’s). Professor David Peter’s Clinical Director of the Centre said.

‘This was the first time people with this shared concern have come together – a milestone in itself. Sixty-five delegates attended the conference and although with wide variety of backgrounds all were involved in undergraduate education and had a real understanding of the issues facing students’.

The symposium was organised in response to a shared concern for the high incidence of burnout and depression in medical students and junior doctors in the UK. Research has show that doctors are four times more prone to committing suicide than their patients and the desire to understand how to help medical students and junior doctors stay will in a more challenging than ever NHS environment. Medical students and junior doctors were also invited to attend to provide a panel discussion introducing their view.

A report of the key findings and recommendations from the milestone event will be published shortly. The Centre also aims to provide the hub for a network of medical educators who will continue to collaborate to establish best practice in the education of medical students and juniors doctors about resilience.