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New website, New networks & New Horizon. The Resilience in UK Webinar Series

Following the launch of our new website in September 2016. We have been exploring how to join, connect and broaden our community even wider through online communications, through the continuous inquiry into the essence and exploration of resilience.

By Kate Fismer 20 February 2017

This exploration has begun continuing the theme of the UK Undergraduate Medical Student Resilience symposium with a series of webinars.

Professor David Peters, Clinical Director of the Centre said; ‘The symposium highlighted the need for the development of a network of medical educators involved in undergraduate education with a real understanding of the issues facing students and a shared concern for the high incidence of burnout and depression and medical student and junior doctors in the UK.

The aim of the webinar series is to widen and develop this network further, with a view to spreading and sharing good practice, ideas and programmes that promote resilience and professional wellbeing, teaching the fundamental skills required for a ‘lifetime in medicine’.