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On Leadership, Resilience and the Fourth Revolution

Michel van der Bel the CEO of Microsoft UK talks about the Centre for Resilience in his blog.

By Michel van der Bel 14 June 2016

“For instance, my leadership team and I have been doing some great work with the University of Westminster’s Centre for Resilience, where we’ve run through a number of tests to explore how our bodies respond to our environment throughout the day. They’re able to measure things such as heart-rate variability, cortisol levels, and oxygen consumption to really give a clear picture of how your body is actually working. You may think that you know how your body feels, but it’s not the same as having the data and the insight to actually know. If you don’t know if you’re restoring enough energy when you rest, you’re on a slippery slope, heading towards burning yourself out.” Click here to read the full article…