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Improving the wellbeing and resilience of Foundation Year doctors

Guy’s and St Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust

The University of Westminster Centre for Resilience has been reappointed as the preferred Resilience trainer by Guy’s and St Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust Medical Education department to provide resilience training for their 200 new Foundation Year doctors.


Last year the Centre provided resilience training for all 200 of the new Foundation Year doctors joining the trust as a part of their mandatory education. The workshops covered themes such as wellbeing, resilience and self care.

Results of the training were very impressive with over 88% of participants reporting that they felt that they had learned something useful for their medical careers. Professor David Peters, Clinical Director of the Centre for Resilience said; ‘There is growing evidence that newly qualified doctors as experiencing high levels of workplace stress and burnout.

The primary purpose the training was support these young doctors with challenges associated with a medical career during the transition from medical school to employment as a foundation doctor (FY1). The aim was to help to provide them with some  immediate support to help them cope and perform well with the, while at the same time imparting skills, which may benefit them, their patients and colleagues, in the long term’.

One FY Doctor reported ‘ I think that this is an important part of life as a Doctors and is important to address as it’s often not covered else where’.

Another reported that the training ‘reinforced the idea that the duty of care to one’s self is as important as that of patients’


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